Section Planes Disappear in Parallel Projection view

I created this small test file for applying section planes and cuts using a single style. When I use a standard camera front view in parallel projection (Scene 9) and toggle the section planes On, they are not visible. Orbiting or going into perspective camera view shows they there. Can anyone please view the file and provide suggestions.

section cuts test.skp (304.0 KB)

That is something we know about, and have fixed for the next update (can’t say when that will be available).

Can you try this file, and see if things seem ok?

section cuts test.skp (435.8 KB)

When I open your file (last saved as a SU2020 file) in SU2022 I see no difference, the section planes do not appear when toggled On.
If however, I open either your file or mine in SU2021 then I can see the section planes appear once toggle On.

I see that difference. I will log a new bug report about that.

Thanks Colin. Not sure what happened with this file that caused this to occur. I know in other files the section planes appear normally in Parallel Projection. Will look for a fix in the next release.

I think it’s a side effect of a fix to another issue. Nothing that you did in your model.

For colleagues dropping by, I logged this as bug SU-51490.

do we know when this will be sorted?