Section Fill Issues (again)

All, having section fill issues in layout. Geometry fills when in raster, but when I switch to hybrid or vector the fill goes away. The geometry is a solid, no issues reported, fills when viewing in SU, just an issue when I go to layout. Totally frustrating. I’ve viewed some previous post but no help. I’ve moved section planes, regrouped the object, etc. and nothing helps.

Is that you section fill color or the backface color? Could you post the LayOut file?

Hi, that’s my section fill color and not back face. Layout file is big.


Another view of the geometry - again if rendered in raster, fine, render in vector ot hybrid, no go???

Post the file to DropBox or another file sharing service.

Thanks RLGL - problem solved. I first tried repairing the mesh which didn’t seem to do anything. Both unrepaired and repaired were both solid. I tried moving the section plane a number of times then I hit a sweet spot where the geometry filled? BTW, section cut face (the old classic) did not have this issue.

Again, I appreciate you taking a look for me.