Section fill looks good in Sketchup model but not good in Layout

Hello, I read several similar topics but didn’t see an answer so hopefully I’m not wasting your time. [Switching viewport from hybrid or vector to raster fixes the issue but I’ve encountered this many times and I’m hoping to learn what the underlying issue is for future work.]

Section fill looks the way I want in the model:

[can’t post two images… so deleting this one]

But doesn’t look right in layout (hybrid or vector… light blue is the back of the material beyond, the darker gray is the section fill):

I don’t see any missing faces on that component and I’ve tried fiddling with it many different ways without resolving it.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer!

Zurack Ferguson Powder Cabinetry DRAFT2.layout (5.6 MB)

Here’s the sketchup model with the section fill effect I’m going for:

.skp file available here in case that’s helpful

Try making your viewport a bit wider.

Thanks for the reply!

That does make it render properly and I can do that for this drawing. Is this just a random glitch or something I can obviate with some kind of best practice?

Honestly, I cannot answer that question. :man_shrugging:

@slbaumgartner Can you answer the question?

Sorry, I have no idea.

In the SKP model select this group, explode it and immediately group the raw geometry again. Save and update the model in LayOut.

To be 100% sure use an extension like SectionCutFace or Skalp to place an actual face into the section. This will also allow you to show the section with different materials.

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That did it. (Oddly, the first time I tried it I exploded then immediately made it a component… didn’t work… tried it again but made it a group instead and it did work.)

Anyway, thank you all for the replies! Amazed to have so many people trying to help me so quickly. I’ll try to pay it forward somehow.