Plan section in layout fills with color that is not in the model scene

Good morning,

I have several plan sections in my model and only one of them is giving me trouble in layout. It is turning part of the viewport gray, like a fill color.

The only way for me to get rid of the fill color is to expand the viewport until the color goes away.

How would I go about fixing this? Below is a wetransfer link that has both the model and layout.

I’ve tried creating another plan section scene based off another one that is correct in layout, but it still doesn’t work.

Thanks for any help.

Sorry, the troublesome plan section is PS3 @ 60" AFF. See page 4. Page 2 in layout shows how far I have to open the viewport to get the fill to go away. Then I used white masks to hide everything I don’t want to show.

I can’t immediately see what the issue is.

Can you screenshot what you are seeing ?

(Headed into a meeting. Be back shortly.) Thank you!

This is what I see when I go to page 4…

When I enable Troubleshoot Section Fill, I get this…

Are you using the latest 2023.1 release ?

I have also experienced similar but rarely – I think some other people were reporting similar recently on the forum…?

Strange that, despite the apparent section errors, I don’t see the issue in my Layout.

I also recall the same. IIRC the fix is simple, but do not remember the details.

Oh wow! So all of those guidelines do not show up in my layout nor were they in my model. I did see those lines when I first opened layout. When I relinked the model, those lines went away and then the gray area showed up.

The guidelines are only rendered in Raster rendering, not in Vector.

I checked for an update, I was already up to date with SU.

This is how far I need to open up the viewport to make the fill color go away.

Then I just added a white mask as a work around and changed the text at the bottom of the sheet to a higher layer.

This thread discuss a similar problem:

I wonder if your problem results from the dynamic window components that the section trouble-shooter is highlighting ?

These dynamic windows ( and other similar dynamic components ) use non-solids and this creates the section errors.

That these window components abut the solid that is the wall – this might be causing the errant fill colour ?

See advice from @trent

One solution you could try is to adjust the viewport so that it is displaying the lines properly, then add a clipping mask so that it cuts the viewport to size you would like.

Yes, I can do that on some pages, but not all because of where the viewport is. The clipping mask would cover the other viewport. I have this issue in with Pro Support. In the meantime, if I change it to Raster, the color fill goes away, but it doesn’t look as nice. Oh well. Hopefully it’s good enough for the clients.