Section Cut Face Ruby and Super Section in Layout

I am using Sketchup Pro on my iMac with Sierra OSx

When I create a Section Cut Face (SCF) in SU and then move to a Layout page for dimensioning my architectural drawings I’m not able to get the Dimension Tool to snap to the wall edge where the SCF has been created. I’ve removed the SCF and the Dimension Tool works as designed. What am I missing? I’ve Placed the SCF on a layer to turn on and off as a work around to Dimension the LO drawing without it. and then go back to SU to turn that layer on. Seems tedious. The same thing happens with Super Section. Help Mr. Wizard.

Set the section cut face’s edges to not hidden when you create it.

You can also customize how the SCF options default at start off.
Edit the file:
using Notepad++ or a similar plain-text editor…
Read the file, understand what you are going to edit, and edit any values you desire…
Save the changes and restart SketchUp to see the latest defaults for the SCF dialog…

There are resettable defaults for the various Options, where:
Hidden [ =YES || =NO determines the SCF’s edges visibility ]
is your main requirement ?