Where's my Section Cut Face

Greetings Community,

I’m finally getting around to wanting to use the section cut face extension but I’m having a problem opening the file. I’ve downloaded it from the extension warehouse, I’ve found it on my computer, it blips, but I can’t find it in my sketchup file. I will right click on the section cut, and it is not there, not listed. Do I need to do something special to open it in sketchup?

By the way, I’m rather new to sketchup but have already generated my first set of building plans, but I’ve got a long way to go yet. Using Sketchup Pro on a Mac laptop.


Have you read the instructions? Right click on a section plane and look for Add Section Cut Face.

Ya, i tried that but section cut face is not there. Create group from slice is there, but no section cut face. :frowning:

How did you install Section Cut Face? What version of SketchUp?

I have the latest version of sketchup and downloaded from the extension warehouse. I found the file on my computer and installed.

Installed it how?

Good question: step one, after download I found it on my computer, step two, right click ‘open’

It then partially does a blip thing, but does not appear in sketchup when i open a file.

That’s not how you install extensions in SketchUp.

Since you’ve downloaded it to your computer, in SketchUp, go to Window>Extension Manager and click on Install Extension. Navigate to where you saved it and choose Open and any affirmative respoonses after that. (All left clicks.) Then follow the instruction in the EW about using it.

I thought you were talking about TIG’s Section Cut Face plugin from Sketchucation. Daiku’s Super Section, which I assume you downloaded instead, is also found in a menu when you right click on the section plane.

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Dave, did I say already I am still a newbie? Well if I didn’t…

Thanks a ton. It worked.

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I have tried this but it won’t work
i can see the plug in on my extension manager but when i click on Extensions to access it it is not there.

Does anyone have any ideas?


What extension are you trying to use?

Right click on a section cut and you will see it.

It is activated by selecting a section cut and then right-click to find it on the popup menu. It is not exposed on the Extensions menu.

Thank you for your reply, however
Once i change the colour on the pop up menu it does not create or change the colour of the section cut face
i tried few different colours

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