Section cut face plugin

I had this plugin with SU8 but now I cannot find it to install it in SketchUp 2015.
Any idea where I can find it?
Thank you

Hi Chris,

Have a look over here …

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Got it!!!
Thanks a lot Geo.

It’s a nice plugin. Shame is not in Extension warehouse or plugin store.

How about this:

Ruby Library Depot: SectionCutFace


Sorry, it is in plugin store, sorry!

That’s a very old version.
The Depot is no longer getting updated.
However, the latest version IS in the SketchUcation PluginStore - as George already linked:
The current version is v4.6 [I did write it :wink: ]

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That’s too bad. Thanks, TIG.


Didier Bur became very busy on new projects and has stopped updating his Deport, some time ago…

He agreed to allow me to update all of his own plugins that are hosted at the SketchUcation PluginStore, to be compatible with v2014/2015.
This is now done.

Most of the Plugins in the Depot have newer/compatible versions in the SketchUcation PluginsStore, a few are also available in the EWH…

The Depot has really now become the last resort if you can’t find a tool elsewhere…


TIG, Ive recently installed sectioncutface for SU 2015 and love it. However, about half of my sections aren’t linking to my model when I “Add SectionCutFace”. In other words the section with face(s) is created, but it’s not creating nor placing it on the layer as described in the parameters window. Therefore I have to manually adjust all the scenes, etc. from displaying the section cut face group, which really defeats the purpose of having a plugin for efficiency. Can you please advise. Much appreciated!

Are the new layers made ?
Are these new layers OFF in all non-current/new scene-tabs ?
Are you changing to the appropriate scene-tab before making the scut ?
What layer is the new SectionCutFace group actually on then ?

I have just run some tests and I cannot make it fail ! - it makes all new scuts on the expected layers and those layers are only ON in the current scene-tab, and OFF in other/new scene-tabs…

Thank you for the reply, TIG. The group ends up on layer 0 even though it’s specified to be on a scutXXXX layer. This has occurred when I “add sectionCutface” from a new section plane or from an existing one using the right click option. I’m not in a particular scene when I implement the action, rather a zoomed out and orbited version of one so I can navigate to the section plane (for which I right click on). After further exploration, I should correct my earlier stats, in that it does work correctly about 7 or of 10 times. I have figured out a work around for the few times when it doesn’t work though by using the plugin SuperSection which automatically creates a scene and layer based on a section plane for which I manually name (same as the scut name of the section cut) and place the sectioncutface group on the newly created layer. All in all, the plug in is saving me time and I love it, but I’m stumped as to why it doesn’t work 100% of the time. I’ve tried cleaning up the model to see if it was due to fussy geometry (it does take longer to generate the groups on the problematic sections), but that didn’t resolve the issue. Anyway, I will survive as is, but if you think of a solution please let me know. Much appreciated!

Thanks for your amazing plug-in. I used it is 8 but now trying to find a version for 2016. Seems the SketchUcation site is no longer active. Can you provide any other links please.

Hi Master TIG! Superb plugin as always! I’m here because I spotted some small bugs and I’m suggesting little corrections: when I manually re-make the selected section (so autoupdate is not selected and I manually try to update the selected section) here is what happens:

  1. the previous section is not deleted
  2. the new sectionface has default material applied and not the one of the original cutface
  3. the new sectionface is not on the layer previously atomatically applied to the original cutface

No other issues from me!

Thanks again! (I’m working with SU2020)

In the latest version there are 3 drop-down options regarding the ‘type’ of SectionCutFace…

No = It’s fixed and you are not able to ‘update’ it later. Adding another SCF to the same section-plane will duplicate things and use the current options settings - perhaps not those associated with the earlier SCF…

On Demand = The SCF is fixed until you decide to ‘Remake’ it [using the context-menu] - then it regenerates ‘in place’ using its previous settings [but manually added custom materials may be lost]…

Auto = The SectionCutFace automatically changes to match changes to the model or section-planes location etc in real time [often too processor-intensive on more complex models]…

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