Section Cut Face for 2022?

For years I used a plug-in called Section-Cut-Face to create 2D linework at any section plane. Placing those on their own layers I was easily able to create simple, linework drawings when I needed them, such as for structural sections.

Is there a similar extension for SU 2022 now? or has the section process changed thereby eliminating that step? I have looked around and not found any straightforward answers.

Thank you in advance.

Section Cut Face is still available and works fine in SU2022. What’s wrong with using it?

A search of the Extension Warehouse yielded no results. I have not tried installing the old extension in my new SU version. Would that work?

It’s not in the Extension Warehouse and never has been. It’s always been available from Sketchucation.

Might but best not to copy extensions from an older version of SketchUp.

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Oh great, thank you! I’ll check it out. While I have your attention are there any other must-haves from that source? I am an architectural designer doing custom residential work, FYI.

There are quite a few very useful extensions available from Sketchucation. I would start by installing the Sketchucation ExtensionStore and then use it to search for an install other extensions. Many extensions from Fredo6 are what I would call must haves. Many of TIG’s are, too.

So many good extensions on SketchUcation - these extensions were game changers for me…

Thank you so much! It’s people like you guys/gals that make the world a great place!

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Thank you so much Kyle! It’s people like you guys/gals that make the world a great place!