Create a face at a section plane cut


Is it possible to create a new face at the point that a section plane cuts through a model? Thanks.


Found it. TIG has a tool to do just that.


Sounds like a trick I could use, if you don’t mind sharing?
What is TIG?


The most simple way to do it is to R-click on the section plane and select “Create Group from Slice”.

If you spend some time here you will see that TIG is a frequent contributor to this forum and has created a number of innovative plugins for use with SketchUp.


TIGs SectionCutFace plugin.


I have used a lot of different plugins and manual techniques for this problem, but nothing that works as good as Skalp for Sketchup!

I had a lot of other good things to say, but got flagged as spam, so I edited the post down.


I think I could view this plugin more favorably if it did not require paying once each year for a subscription to use it. I’m willing to pay a fair price to acquire the software, but I refuse to be on the hook from now on to use a plug in that constitutes a portion of my workflow with SketchUp. Personally, the native SU tools and selected (free) plugins work just fine for me.


The license is permanent. I don’t know where you got that information.


OK , that’s good to know. Are you a Skalp representative? Sorry if I unintentionally stepped on your toes. I may have confused this product with plugins from a different architect/plugin developer insofar as the subscription is concerned. Nonetheless, this extension still strikes me as somewhat overpriced for what it purports to do. I’ll pass on this one for the time being because the native software along with several selected. plugins currently provides an adequate solution for presentations where sections are employed.


No, I am not a representative. I was just trying to bring the extension to the thread.


I can confirm (and I’m a Skalp representative) that it is NOT a subscription. Skalp comes with a permanent license!