Plugin to create Faces within 'Create Group From Slice'

Hi Guys

Does anybody know of a plugin that will create Faces for the Groups created using the ‘Create Group From Slice’ command.

Such a plugin would be really useful for applying materials.


Eneroth Face Creator

or you just draw a line over one o the section’s lines (same context).

There’s also TIG’s SectionCutFace that can be found at Sketchucation.


I would draw a line, but some of the groups from slices have quite a few sub groups, and I often have tons of groups from slices.

Cheers - I will check that out as well.

Thanks again mihai.s that extension is perfect.

I can now add materials to my ‘Groups from Slice’ which massively enhance my Layout drawings with very little effort.

:+1: :grinning: