Section Cut Face Crashing


TIGs section cut face plugin crashing over and over and over.
I’ve turned off just about all my extensions that I had loaded, doesn’t seem to have helped.

Sometimes if I am in a basic style (no profiles, no background, etc.) it works just fine, but most times I crash.

Crash Report #7933

Was the last one, also searchable by my login email.


Crash Report #7935


Crash Report #7936


OK - I think I have isolated the issue, am testing now.

If I run the plugin to create a new scene from a scene that uses a style where ‘Section Planes’ has not been updated or refreshed - SU crashes.

Done this twice now in a row. Will test more.

If I run the plugin in a scene with a style that I have not altered (like turned the section planes on so I can see them, to create the new cut) - then it works consistently.


OK - This appears to be the case - if any change is made to the style of the current scene (like turn section planes on or off) - if you don’t refresh the style when SectionCutFace tries to make a new scene it crashes.

I have tested this by altering edges, not refreshing and getting a crash, as well as only toggling the Section Plane on and off (for visibility) - and it crashes if I do not update the style before running the plugin.


Can we keep the discussions in the tool’s thread at
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But I’d be pleased to hear any comments that the SketchUp team have on the submitted BugSplats…