SketchUp Pro version 16.1.2418 problems on macOS 10.12

I am seeing a repeatable crash since updating. Anyone else?

Crash - “Internal Error” when toggling View - Section Cuts or Section Planes on or off.

Copied error details:

Exception Name: NSInvalidArgumentException
Description: -[NSMenuItem setToggle_state:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x6180000be2a0

Are you sending the bugsplats to Trimble with your identifying info filled in? They need that to track them in the database.

Yes. Just hoping for a quicker response than they typically provide. Thank you for the comment.

Toggling section planes? Checking…

Hi Chad-

We’ve had a few other reports of this same crash, and we’re working on a fix.

As far as we know, this crash is specific to toggling section planes or section cuts via the View menu. A suggested workaround is to customize your main toolbar to show the Section Display and Section Cuts buttons and use them to toggle section planes / cuts.

Sorry for the inconvenience, give that workaround a shot and stay tuned for updates.