New section plane causing SKP latest update 23.1.329 to crash

Open SketchUp model, click section plane, SketchUp disappears

Share the SketchUp file so we can see what you’re working with.

Your thread title indicates SketchUp 2020, your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2021. Which one is it?

I think its ridiculous that after having all my user information online it doesnt share what version i signed into the forums with. sorry for the typo :slight_smile: 23.1.329

The title of your thread is entirely your doing as is your forum profile. Please correct the SketchUp version in both.

done updating

I’m not getting a crash when I add a section cut to your model.

Maybe you can more thoroughly describe what you are doing when it crashes. Are you getting a Bug Splat?

I do see some incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 9_26_2023 , 9_12_02 PM

Funny enough - while you were replying i was grouping and layering and when i got the reply and i tried again it worked.

thanks for doing that thing where when the professional visits the problem is fixed already. LOL

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Like when you’re feeling sick then you visit the doctor and magically you feel better even without taking any medicine.

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Dave replying to the thread is the placebo or the cure? We’ll never know…