Search for objects, heavy components in the project

I often find myself working on very large files, but to find the objects or components that affect the weight of the file I have to manually analyze all the instances. Is there a method, a plugin that lists the weight of all objects in the project? For images I use Resize image but with lines and object faces, I haven’t found a solution yet.

There’s a plugin called component and group impact report, it shows you the components and groups in your model with the entities, instances and total geometry.

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There’s also my statistics probe, available on SketchUcation. It has both a tabular report and an interactive mode that lets you explore the model hierarchy to see visually where the weight is coming from. The latter is useful if you use a lot of groups but don’t name them or if the names are obscure.


What is the precise name of the plugin to search for

Excellent, we would like the possibility of selecting (in probe mode) the objects directly from the table. However, it is already a useful tool.

I should clarify. You can also select entries from my tabular report to drill down. The difference is that you get names only, whereas the visual mode zooms in on the object and draws its bounding box so you don’t have to know its name to understand what you are getting. If your groups and components are all clearly named, the tabular version is faster.