Generate report & add weights to components

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Im trying to find a way to add weights to my components, so that when i generate a report if gives me the total weight of all components.

Iv had a little bit of success playing with the dynamic components, but one thing i cant get it to do is add together weights when i multiples of the same components.

Appreciate any help.


Yeah, version 2 of the generate report feature won’t add totals, only total of component in the standard report, but the first version still does. Disconnect from the internet and run generate report.
I think the developers pressume that the user manipulates the data in their own favorite spreadsheet, but some basic functions in the Generate report would be welcome!
@ty_s ?

Correct, @MikeWayzovski. There have been a number of standing bugs that need some love.

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Look at this:
Which calculates the weight of a selected group/instance based on its density [you can combine multiple-densities]

Then there’s:
Which is used in the Ruby Console, to report the CofGs in the model in a spead-sheet format.

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