Capturing Component Volumes

I use SU 2020 for woodworking. I sometimes want to estimate the weight of a project. To do this, I click on each unique component and then go to Entity Info where I can copy the component’s volume. The volume gets loaded into an Excel spreadsheet where it’s combined with the material’s density to calculate the weight. This process is clunky at best. Is there a more direct way to extract the volume of each of the components?

Try File->Generate Report.
Edit the standard template, add Volume, set the volume on a total sum.

Report Generator is a good option. For a couple of alternative methods, the Cutlist extension will report the volumes of components and if you have identified materials for them, give the total volume by material. If you want the data in a spreadsheet you can export a csv file for that.

Another option would be to use TIG’s Center of Gravity extension. It can show the weight of the components in the model based on the density you add in the UI. It will also calculate the total weight with the composite CG. I find it useful for, too, when clients have concerns about how stable their piece of furniture will be. It’s easy to graphically show where the tipping point is.

This is a feature that I was unaware of. It’s much better than what I was doing. Thanks.

Good info. Thanks.

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Here is a little breakdown:

the report is saved with the file:

Dak_BunnyPath.skp (939.1 KB)

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Thank you very much for the extra effort. It was very helpful.