How i calcule weight of an object or solid, have solution easy?

How i calcule weight of an object or solid ?

I research in youtube and internet, only found files old, lots year before.

Someone can to do an small video movie and post in youtube and send link here ?

Atention, not want plugin extension install.

If you make a solid group or component of the object, Entity Info will give you it’s volume. You can then manually multiply the volume by the density of the material it’ll be made of.


If the object in question is a SketchUp solid, the Entity Info panel will show its calculated volume. You can multiply by the material’s density to get the mass (or weight). When the shape has curves or circles, however, SU’s calculated volume may not be highly accurate vs the theoretical one based on the circles. Increasing the number of segments in the circles will increase the accuracy but it is always an approximation.

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Without a plugin it’ll be impossible to achieve what you want because SketchUp is not armed with a direct weight-calculation feature.

Thankfully, there’s an excellent plugin called Center of Gravity developed by TIG. It has a 1-minute learning curve and it does its job superbly. I used it for a railing ornament project once. You basically assign density to your solid geometry and it returns you the weight, volume and density.

I double that, haha.

i want an solution automatic Mr DaveR

But you said you don’t want to install a plugin or extension. Make up your mind.

We want an solution automatic Mr Slbaumgartner … have solution to not manual ?

As @DaveR wrote, this capability is not built in to SketchUp. You will have to either use an extension or do it manually.

Native SketchUp does not have a way to do this automatically, If you want software to do the calculation for you, then @VahePaulman suggestion is your best bet.

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Most of the necessary capability is in the Ruby API. If you are willing to type a couple of lines into the Ruby Console Window, it is actually a very simple bit of code.

  1. in the Ruby Console input panel (the part at the bottom), type:
density = 2.54

where you should replace 2.54 with the density of whatever material you are using
2. Select a solid in the model
3. In the Ruby Console input panel type:

Sketchup.active_model.selection[0].volume * density

The calculated value will be displayed in the Ruby Console results panel (the top part of the window). If you get a negative value or an error message, the object you selected isn’t a SketchUp solid.

Edit: the Ruby API uses SketchUp’s internal units of inches, so even if you have units set to metric in your model info, the API volume will be in cubic inches and your density will likewise have to be in mass/cubic inch. It is possible to work around this, but it requires some more lines of code.

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Mr… i think have an solution to calcule automatic… in some days i reply… i will try found… I think is process can to be more easy… an software cad that not calcule weight automatic not is profissional… is very simple to not have.