Changing weight of an object

Hello everyone,

can anybody tell me how to change the weight of an object in SKetchUp?

What do you mean by weight? SketchUp isn’t a physics simulator and doesn’t know the mass of objects.

for example in MS Physics?

Maybe you should start here:

I’ve used MSPhysics briefly. (it’s a super-cool extension that is occasionally super-maddening to use!) You can control the mass of an object using the Properties tab on the MSPhysics GUI window. When you select an object (a SketchUp group or component), the Properties tab should become available. In the upper-right corner of the Properties tab (of later MSPhysics versions, at least from 0.99 to 1.0.3 I think) there are UI controls to set the density of the object, which allows MSPhysics to calculate the mass based on the object’s known volume, or to directly set the mass of the object.

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