SketchUp/Ms Physics

Hello everybody! Can anyone tell me how to put body properties in SKetchUp with MS Physics?


What’s a body property?

it is the front of a plane, which need more mass because if i simulate it it lifts up. do u have any idea ?

when i put on the front it says ignore…there are no oppurtunities to put values.

You’ve made it even more mysterious.

You need to attach the model and explain what you want to achieve.

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i want a mass of 1000kg on the front. it should avoid lifting up the plane

Select the group or component that you want to assign a mass of 1000Kg. Open up the MSPhysics UI (using the toolbar icon that looks like the letters “UI”). With exactly one group or component selected in SketchUp, the MSPhysics UI will probably automatically display the Properties tab. If it is not automatically shown, then click the Properties tab manually. In the upper right corner of the Properties display there are a couple of fields related to specifying the object’s mass. You can either set its density (and let the extension calculate the mass based on the objects known volume) or I think you can directly set the object’s mass.

If you have more than one object (or no object) selected in SketchUp, then the Properties tab of the MSPhysics UI shrinks to almost nothing because the extension does not let you set properties of multiple objects as one operation.

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