Weight of elements

Hello! Can anyone tell me where I can find the weight of the elements I’m modelling please? for example, the total quantity of wood or steel…#weightOfElements

it would be super interesting to integrate it if it doesn’t exist :frowning:

TIG’s Center of Gravity extension can give you the mass of solid groups or components in a model if you include the correct density. You can also use the Report Generator to give you the volumes of objects and then calculate their masses in a spreadsheet.

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I often generate materials lists for timber framing. You can use the built in Generate Report feature, or specialized plugins depending on what you are doing.

Once you export the data you can calculate piece count and overall volume and then extrapolate to overall weight. I do this for estimating purposes as well as to know how many tractor trailers I need to price for a given job.

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An example of the results using the Center of Gravity plugin.

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oh okay thank you,
but i have to install extensions there are many on ''extension warehouse ", what kind of extension i have to install please?

This is already in SketchUp Pro:


Dave listed the other one right in his reply.

Tig’s plug-ins are on the sketchucation store, you can download the sketchucation store plugin from the sketchucation website or the plugin from the same website.