Any way to list the "heaviest" groups/components in descending order? Or display polygon count on visible labels around objects?

In terms of optimizing models (especially those created by freelance subcontractors), is there any way to identify which groups/components are the “worst offenders” in terms of polygon count, texture size, or other parameters?

Whether it’s an on-demand report, or an overlay that shows the relative “weight” of objects, or any other way to narrow down the problem areas… any advice?

Simple and fast… Forum search


CG impact report

Both extensions on the extension store, both super useful

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Also @slbaumgartner’s (Steve Baumgartner) extension SB_Statistics_Probe SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation.

Highlights heaviest (most edges) object, and can step through component hierarchy in descending order of “weight”.