Components size in a drawing

Hello, To lighten a drawing made up of several components, I would like to see which components are still too heavy. Is there a possibility to extract the list of all the components used in my drawing , with the size (or weight) of each of them?
Thank you for your help

You could do this without any extensions. One way would be to simply turn on Hidden Geometry and look for the densest meshes. That will give you a pretty good idea. Alternatively you could select components individually and look at Statistics in Model Info, or you could save the components in the model into a local collection and then examine their file sizes.

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What do you mean by size and weight - geometric dimensions (linear, volume), or geometric complexity (counts of edges, faces, textures)? The Generate Report feature in SketchUp Pro (File menu) has a lot of attributes (columns) that can be included in a report. There are LenX, LenY, LenZ attributes (who’s value is the linear extent of the component in a given dimension. There is an Entity Volume attribute which gives 3D volume for Solid groups and components. There is also a Size attribute, but none of the components in one of my models show a value for this attribute so maybe it’s a BIM-type setting (which I don’t use). I don’t see any attributes for numbers or edges and faces etc.

Thank you. I think that the extraction is the best way to have a global result. I will try it.

You might find it creates a useful library of components to use elsewhere, too.

I would like to have the “file size” of each component, in order to search wich of them can be optimized.
The goal is to reduce the general size of my main file

You might consider running CleanUp3. It can go through the components and do a lot of optimizing automatically. Then look at the components and see which can stand further optimization.

ok. Il will try CleanUp3 too