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some advice please…? i am often guilty of populating my models with downloads from the warehouse, or from su Podium Browser, and in no time at all my model is seriously bloated and slow. i know i should check the size of a model before i download it, but very often i see that its big, but have to download it anyway because its the right object for the project.
So my question is, how do i inspect a model and check which are the big components, (and likely to be causing problems) and which are the small? it would be great to just be able to open that list in the Components > In Model window, and order them by size…
(I’ve tried running a Report from the file menu but the Size column comes out blank every time…?)

Try Steve Baumgartner’s Statistics Probe extension from SketchUcation plug-in store.

Paul, the extension John suggests is a good idea. You can also just turn on Hidden Geometry and get a pretty good idea. Opening the component for editing and selecting everything inside is also useful. Before you add the component to the model, though, you can get an idea of what the model is going to do to the file size from the 3D Warehouse. For example, this bathtub, while nice looking, will add 14 Mb to your model. Add a few more components that size and your model can get to be pretty heavy.

It’s always best to insert components from the 3DWH into a separate file to have a look at them before you add them to your project. Often you can find things to strip out to help reduce the impact it has on your model.

thanks both.
I’m following both of your suggestions going forward

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