My 3d model file size

After to download one item .my model become super slow. I deleted that item still after that my model is buffering and not letting me move my mouse ? trying last 2 two days switching on different desktop too, still is showing same problem. Any help?

how I can find that item which is making my model slow ? I purged my file too. Noticed sun shadows a lot after that components download. but I turned off the sun path. still sun shadows is showing in my model ?

Having shadows turned on will greatly slow down rendering. Go to View/Shadows and make sure they are turned off.

To check individual components for size right click on one in your model and choose 3Dwarehouse>view details which will take you to the object page where the file size is clearly listed. Get in the habit of checking file size for all components before you download them.

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Can you say which 3D Warehouse model you downloaded?

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it was temple shikar. after to downloaded my model became slower.

If I got the right one, that model has a geolocation snapshot and terrain in it in addition to the shikar. They are of dubious value since it doesn’t look like the placement of the shikar has anything to do with them. I’d suggest deleting them from your model and see if that improves matters. The shikar itself is not very complicated, so it shouldn’t have such an effect. Also, it has shadows turned on, which can slow SketchUp down considerably. Finally, there are several unused components that will enlarge the file size. You can purge them if you aren’t going to use them.