Screenshots including Drop Down Menus

Does SketchUp (Make 16.1.1449 64-bit) make it impossible to use the Snipping Tool in Windows (7,8,10) to capture screens AND drop down menus?

Often, when asking a question, it’s useful to be able to show a result and the settings in effect when the result is captured. I tried to capture a screen today with the snipping tool and could not get it to capture the drop down menu for View>Face_Style. I did a bit of Internet searching and found that it should be possible to use the Win tool but that the Escape key and CTL-PrntScreen must be used. Every time I invoked the snipping tool, the menu either disappeared or the menu line containing View greyed out making it impossible to select the option much less the drop down.

What am I missing here?

That’s not the fault of SketchUp. It’s the Snipping Tool. I use a freeware app called Screenshot Captor that gives a variety of different capture modes and all accessible from keyboard shortcuts. I don’t have any trouble capturing menus with it.

Once again, “Thank You, Sir!”

I have been able to capture menus with the snipping tool in other apps which is why I wondered if it might be a function of SU that was causing me problems.

Must be something else at play that I have not yet discovered.

Again, thank you!!

No matter what application I’m trying to make a screen shot from the menus disappear. Even in IE and in Snipping Tool itself. With Screenshot Captor you can also edit the image and add all sorts of notations and other things.

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You can grab screen shots including drop down menus in Win 7,8 & 10.
In Win 7, just hit the PrintScreen/PrtScr key. Then open any image editing program like Paint, Gimp, Photoshop etc and paste.
In Win 8 & 10, you have another option. Hit the Windows Key + Print Screen and the screen shot will be saved directly to your Pictures folder as a PNG file.
I just tested these methods on a Win 7 machine and a Win 10 machine with sketchup drop down menus.

(Alt + Print Screen grabs only the active window which can then be pasted into your image editing software, but will close any drop down menus.)


Gadwin PrintScreen is another screen capture utility that captures everything you see onscreen.
SU’s tool cursors elude Windows native Print Screen.

There’s a list of Screen & Video Capture and Editing Utilities at the SketchUp Sage Site

Good point.

@rabbithutch, Screenshot Captor will also get cursors.

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Greenshot is a free screen print program which I think works very well.

One feature of the window’s “snipping tool” is the “DELAY” feature.
Under the delay setting, set the time in seconds for the delay, then click new. You then have that predetermined time to select the drop down menu etc. and the screen will milk out like normal (freezing the image with the drop downs) then you grab that area with the rectangular selection (if that is what is set under “new” dropdown,) or will capture a full screen version if that is what is set under “new”. Once the snip is captured you can then annotate with the pen tool etc.

Is that Delay feature a Win 8-10 addition? I can’t seem to find it in my Win 7 version but no matter 'cause I found what I needed.

The Help button in the Snipping Tool popup icon has the answers. I was able to capture the screenshot below by first invoking the Snipping Tool, then pressing the Escape key, then clicking on the menu and hovering the cursor to get the fly out menu, then clicking Ctrl+PrtScn; then clicking the left mouse button to lasso the image and releasing the mouse button at the end.

Thanks to all for their suggestions and help. Hope my discovery might help others.

I am using win 10 and the “delay” feature is there, I think it was also in win 7 too?
Glad you found a workaraound.

There is now a new “windows ink workspace” which looked like it should replace the snipping tool but doesnt seem to have the same functionality.

Wow! That seems like a lot of steps.