Screenshot crashes the program

Safari 16.3, Macbook M1 1TT 16GB 2020. Tools won’t work properly after taking a screenshot. Opening the file again fixes it until next screenshot.


That’s weird, I have an M1 Max MacBook and yesterday a made a lot of screenshots and had no problem. It can’t be a driver problem cause macs get updated automatically when you update the OS. Does it happens with any file or just with an specific one?

With all the files. And I must add that i’m taking screencaptures with mac especially, not exporting them…


There was a new update for mac - but it didn’t fix it. Still gets stuck after taking a screenshot.

Even opening a new project won’t change it being stuck. Only refreshing the page and restarting a model helps. Which is quite lame after every screenshot :slight_smile:

There are many ways to take screenshots on Mac, with command-shift-5 being the most flexible one. Are you have problems even with command-shift-3?

I use cmnd shift 4 for images and cmnd shift 5 for videos and neither causes crashes.

All of them crashes the program. Couple times i could continue after cmd + shift + 3. But sometimes that crashes it as well.

What version of SketchUp are you experiencing this with? Your profile says “Free Plan” and “Free” but your first post mentioned “2020” which maybe refers to SketchUp Pro 2020? In a reply you mentioned “refreshing the page” which suggests using the free browser-based version of SketchUp. If so, what browser are you using?

Have such crashes triggered by macOS screen captures always happened on this machine? If not, do you recall any interesting system configuration changes that might have occurred around the time when the crashes started happening?

Also, I am confused about exactly what bad behavior is triggered by screen captures. The thread title mentions crashes, but you also wrote “tools won’t work properly” and “still gets stuck”. Can you clarify?

Hi, good questions!

I’m using the current free online plan at the moment. Never had an issues with desktop one. Browser is a Safari 16.5.2 running on OS X 13.4.1.

Such crashes has never appeared with other websites or web based apps.

What I meant is that when I take a scree capture with any key combination it seem, Orbit, move, pull etc. stops working. It does change the “mouse icon” but tool does not work.

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