"Screen Text" size increases in animation, becomes unreadable - solution? Mac High Sierra

Hello - I have tried to read all of the High Sierra issues (for days now), and I still can not find a solution, and I was wondering if there was one?

When I use Screen-Text font size of 42 pts in the model, in animation, it comes out on the finished video about 80 pts, and is unreadable, because the words get cut-off, they begin to ‘disappear’ on the right side and bottom. They don’t disappear at the edge of the screen, the large letters disappear when they reach the edge of space where the small letters were…it’s like when you use a text-box in Word, where the font size is too large for the size of the text-box, so part of it ‘disappears’.

I don’t have any problems changing Screen-Text font size within the model. Also, I have tried setting the size in Model Info > Text > Screen Text. It will appear correct in the model, but not the video. It now takes over 4 hours every time I render a new animation, to try workarounds on the text. The video looks amazing except for this problem.

SketchUp Make Version 17.3.116
MacBook Pro (retina, Mid 2012) OS High Sierra. Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1 GB; Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB.

If helpful:
Model file size over 140 MB. Model Info says it has over 4 million ‘Edges’, over 1 million 'Faces. Video animation over 70 Scenes, about 7,000 frames, video file size over 600 MD.

I only started SketchUp in November, I love it, of course, lol, and wish I hadn’t upgraded to High Sierra. Maybe I am not using SketchUp correctly, or maybe my model it is too large for my graphics card/ laptop. I do not have the funds for a new laptop at the moment…is a new computer the only solution?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Text size in SketchUp is directly related to your screen with 1 point as 1 screen pixel. Typically, when you render to a movie format, the movie resolution is smaller than your screen (especially with high resolution screens), so the relative size of your text will grow. You didn’t tell the resolution of your video, but the effect you describe sounds like what might happen if you render what looks nice on a Retina screen to something like FullHD or smaller.

Thank you Anssi - Interesting, and I believe I understand what you are saying… When I choose Export, if I understand correctly, “Resolution: 1080p Full HD” is the highest I can go, so probably a limitation of my device?
If so, if I could find a friend to run the file on a different machine, what would be a good resolution to ask for (for example do I just look for “= to Retina” resolution? ). Thank you.

I seldom export animations but I think this is a SketchUp limitation. It might also depend on your selected video format, but I am afraid 4K isn’t available (besides, the file sizes would balloon).

Alright, thank you.

You might want to read this page on exporting animation files.

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