Export Settings And Text

when I went to Win 10 I got a slightly larger monitor and it really messed up my SUp resolution export settings, I think it’s called. In SUp I have to make the text way oversized so it looks right in the exported images. Like this-

This is the finished image

and a S shot of my SUp scene’s text setup. some of the text goes way offscreen.

you can see how large I need to make the text. What can I do about this? SCreen resolution, or some setting in SUp??

Hi Joe, long time since last saw posts by you!

SketchUp screen text size is measured in screen pixels so the larger export size you use the smaller, in relation, is your text so you are probably exporting more pixels than you used to with your older monitor. Are you always using the “use view size” option to export? Can you try rezising your SketchUp window while exporting to match more closely your old setup, or typing values that match your older exports in the export options dialog?

If you are willing to explore “newer” workflows you should take a look into the LayOut application where all this annotating business can be done with more consistency and where the screen view is more “what you see is what you get”.

Use View Size wasn’t checked! Is that the problem??

yeah Ansii, hardly posting anymore and when I do it’s at the shetchucation site,

not like the old days and version 3 forums!

That depends on what you want. Use View Size essentially exports a screenshot of your SketchUp window exactly as it looks like on the screen.
Using the size boxes instead lets you export any size you want up to 9999 pixels wide/high but if you export larger than your SketchUp window, the relative size of text will change to match the new pixel dimensions.

sorry Ansii but you lost me. Before the larger monitor I was exporting at 6000 pix wide, then resizing them, to get rid of the jaggies. What I saw on the screen was what I got in the image. What do I need to do to get back to that?

look at what I get at 6000 pixels wide. I never had this problem before, I hope we can figure it out.

Why aren’t you using LayOut? You wouldn’t have this problem if you were.

I’d rather not have to learn something new Dave, besides I’ve been exporting images since version 3, or was it 5, and never had this problem.

The last version I was using before this problem was 2015 and now I’m using 2021. Could that be a possible cause of this text issue??

How about going from win 7 to win 10, or using a slghtly larger monitor?

So what can be causing my text issue folks? I hope I’m not the only one with this problem.