Advanced camera tools tech data font size

I use advanced camera tools to setup and match images taken with a real camera. Down in the lower left hand corner of the model is all the information regarding the camera, i.e. focal length floating on the screen. I work on a large 4K monitor and the size of the text in the lower right hand corner is almost unreadable it is so small. is there a way to make this text larger?

Reduce display scale. SketchUp supports up to 150%.


The relevant bit:

High DPI Support
SketchUp is DPI aware and can adjust the sizes of Icons and drawing elements so they are sized correctly for High DPI screens. Icons are sized when SketchUp starts up. If you adjust your DPI or scaling (Microsoft Windows – but only up to 150%) you will need to restart SketchUp to see correctly sized Icons and drawing elements.

thanks. where is this adjustment made.? I use Mac, but can probably correlate if I know where to look.

That isn’t a SketchUp setting. It is a display setting in the system.

ah ok thanks.

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That method works but is not optimum as I already have decent sized icons and text. When I change the DPI settings to get that specific bit of text I want to be more legible, everything else, system wide is huge obviously. So that’s not really solving anything. Mind you, yes, what you said helps, but doesn’t solve the issue of super small relative text size of the camera settings display. What would be nice would be to have this adjusted in the software. Thank you though for your assistance.

So what needs to happen is support for greater display scaling. I guess that’s not going to change immediately and certainly won’t change in SU2019 which your profile indicates you are using.

Right on. I hear you. I do haveSU2020 but haven’t fully switched over to using it full time yet so this not happening in any previous release is completely understandable. I wouldn’t necessarily word my request to support in terms of display scaling as everything is fine the way it is, dimensions, icons, user interface. All good relative to itself with the exception of the issue of this post. Relatively, the font of the camera settings is outrageously small. The request would be to simply increase the font size of that particular display of info. That’s it. I’ve attached a screen shot (not that you can do anything about it) but can see that display scaling is not the issue.

Not sure if this would help but on the Mac there is a system way to zoom in on any part of the screen, by using the mouse.

System Preferences>Accessibility>Zoom>Use Scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom>Command.

I can hold ⌘ and zoom in on any portion of the screen with the scroll wheel or finger using the Apple magic mouse.

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AH HA! INDEED! yes! A while ago I used that function frequently but haven’t had the need to in recent years. It’s funny how the simple things escape. this is perfect.
Thank you.