How to align screen text?


Is there an option to align screen texts?
Im asking this since i placed a screentext in (almost) every corner of my model/frame.
But when i resize the window and/or export the animation to images, the screen text at the right side gets cut-off, and i can not find the correct way to align these screen texts from right to left, i think/hope that would solve this issue.

Anyone knows HowToAlignScreenText?

thanks in advance!

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile indicates a version that does not exist. Know the version will help us give you the right answer.

Maybe you could also share a .skp file that illustrates the problem. Screen text is by definition aligned to the screen. There is no setting to change that. It is generally fixed in position relative to the edges of the model window but if you change the size of the model window enough, the text position will change because it’s based on the ratio of pixels across the model space. Best practice would be to set the size of the model space window and adjust the location of the text to suit.

Another option might be to use a watermark for the text but that depends on the version you are using.

thank you for the reminder, i’ve added some profile info:
(SketchUp Pro 2020, Windows 10 Pro, Nvidia Quadro P5000)

… sharing the file,see attached base file of my template
SU20_Bezonningsstudie BGN PROJECT.skp (1.4 MB)
… screen text aaligned to the screen, but default from left to right, so basically one can only place them at the left side of the screen to ‘always’ display correct?
… resizing the window, normally i do not resize my window and export the images fullscreen.
… using watermarks, is a bit tricky since i use them screen texts to display the ‘current’ situation/date/time, so for 3 situations, 3(4) dates, and per day using 4 upto 7 different timestamps, would take a lot of watermarks. also a mayor downside of fixed watermarks, when my client requests a divergent situation/date/time, it is not that easily added.
(do i still make sence?)

so far thanks for you efforts!

I understand what you are trying to do and I see the difficulty in using watermarks for that. You are correct that the text locations are based on the left edge of the model space. As long as the model window doesn’t change size after the text is placed, you should be fine. If the model window is a concern, best to keep the text on the left side.

To be honest, I think your layout of the text makes it difficult for the viewer to keep track of what is going on as the animation runs. There are too many places to look that aren’t looking at the model. To me this is bad compositionally. I think I would want to keep the date and time up in the left corner with the label so the viewer can get all of that information in one spot.

Edit to add: Thanks for updating your profile.

I do not use the animation as a movie or something like that. The animation will be exported to seperate images, then (kinda automatically) placed inside my ‘base word document’ (after multirenaming the exported images).

It is a work in progress since SketchUp is kinda new for our office, but so far ‘third parties’ and our clients are very pleased with this setup since they can make changes to the word document.

Maybe i’ll edit my template and place the times next to the dates, so they stay aligned to the left side of the screen.

Once again thank you for you effort.

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