Printing always lines up on the right margin


I finish a design, it looks great, but prints funky, with texts being way-off and scaled to not fit the page.


Have you tried exporting it as a .jpg and printing in a different program?


Something must be forcing the model over to the side. Could you share the SKP file?


Jacobson Plot Plan.skp (132.7 KB)


Try this: First, Zoom Extents to make the model fill the window. Next, in Print Preview, untick Use Model Extents. The click on OK. Does the model fit the page better?



So the text labels are a better fit, thank you, yet the sketch is too small for useful documentation.


Now it’s centered. You can make the drawing window narrower so the model fits more tightly within it. Then try again.


that doesn’t look like you used ‘Zoom Extents’…



I’m not quite understanding how to narrow the window


well beyond that John, but thanks…


Drag the side of the SketchUp window. It’s the same as resizing any program window.


I must not be groking that suggestion, its just makes it weird.


What do you mean it makes it weird? Resize the SketchUp window so the model space is roughly the same shape as the drawing. Then hit Zoom Extents again to get the model to fill it as much as possible.

Have you talked to your boss yet? If you were using SketchUp Pro and LayOut, this would have been much simpler and you’d be finished long ago.


Yes, we discussed it. He’s very cautious about expensive CAD programs,

Weird means that when I was dragging the window, the image would default to the right, clipping off areas on that side, then text labels were no longer aligned. Another attempt improved the centering, but then the texts were of a much larger font than desired.


anyone know how to set the default text font size? mine is currently defaulting to 12, and I’m prefer 8 or 10.



But he has no scruples about using commercially an application that is licensed for hobby use only.


He may be cautious but you and he are violating the end user license agreement. And besides being unscrupulous, he must think your time isn’t worth anything.

Did Zoom Extents center the model in the drawing window space?

Change the size of the text in Model Info>Text.


Hmmm… you’ve got a point on the license agreement…
In his defense, we’re a very small shop, mom n pop, tight budgets n all,
so there’s not a lot of wiggle room.
I’m hourly, and it’s a rainy day…
I could be home, twittling my fingers…


yeah, but now its not filling the page. I think I’ll finagle it from here.
Thanks again for your help. I wish the program wasn’t so darned expensive as our drawings are pretty simple.