Printing object too small

I have created a drawing and when I try to print it out, it looks like it is very far back or away. I desire to bring it forward so I can print the drawing on a sheet of paper normal size.
Help, please

Have you tried using Zoom Extents to make the model appear larger on the screen?

Not zoomed in

Print results.

Zoomed in

Print results.

Great idea but that did not work for me. What it did was move the drawing to the left a bit but did not enlarge it. I clicked on the magnifying glass to enlarge it also but that did nothing to the print out. I have several other drawing and they print out just fine. I have 3 that for some reason do not. Don’t know what I did different.
Any other ideas?

Have you checked for a small bit of geometry floating in space somewhere?

As Box suggests, maybe you have some stray geometry that needs to be cleaned up.

Share one of your problem .skp files so we can see what you are getting and help you get it sorted out.

Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.


U1L8 10in box with cutout.skp (86.2 KB)

When I opened that file it shows the model at a distance.

I clicked on Zoom Extents and got this:

And in Print Preview:

You really should get in the habit of keeping the model close to the origin. As it is, this one is placed at a long distance relative to the size of it.

First make your view window close to the same proportions as the paper you will print on. Then do zoom extents. Like DaveR, I got this (on Mac):

OK I guess I don’t have the knack. :frowning: My printout is still not as large as I desire. All but 3 of my other drawing print out correctly straight from the drawing without doing anything. The three in question I can not get to print out the same size as the others. Very frustrating for me. Thank you for your time.


I do not understand what you mean- I am a woodworker not a draftsman :blush:

It’s hard to say what is missing when you try to print those. Maybe you haven’t adjusted the shape of the model window or something along those lines. I keep my browser window a little smaller than the display and closer to the aspect ratio of the paper. Maybe you could try that.

Try this one.


U2L6 Mitered box.skp (174 KB)

First opening and Zoom Extents I got this.

Print Preview:

The dimensions seem like they are a long way from the model so I moved them closer and zoomed in more.

OK maybe be I am not moving them correctly. I am on a PC and don’t know if my moving is different than a Mac or not. Can you tell me what you do to move the object? I know this seems elementary but something is not working correctly.

If your wondering what these drawing are for, I teach carpentry and I have some students who have never built anything before nor have they had a hammer in their hand. So I start very basic. In doing so I build on their problem solving strategy to solve more complex drawings. I try to sneak some learning in as we go, like reading a tape measure. :blush:


I’m working on a PC, too. I didn’t move the object. I zoomed in use the scroll wheel on the mouse.

Sneaking learning in is a good way to do it.

It is not working for me. :frowning: Is there any way you could facetime me so you can see my screen?


I’ll send you a PM in a few minutes. You should remove your phone number from the post.