Print Preview reduces the scale of a Model

I have a problem when trying to print a hard copy of a model.
The Print Preview keeps showing a very small rendering of the model, to one side of the page or in a corner.
The only place I know to muck around with the settings is in Printer Properties, but it makes no difference.
Can anyone help ?
Thanks, Jim

Look for the extra bit of geometry that is off to the side somewhere and remove it.

Thanks, I’ll give it a burl.

Thank you Box.
I had no luck until I did a close cropped copy and past onto a fresh template.
And bingo !
You’re my new best friend.

Glad you got it.
For future reference Hit ctrl+a to select everything. then Shift select left to right around the part of the model you want, to deselect that, hit delete and then shift+z should fit the model to the screen.

Thanks again, Box.
Much appreciated.