Cant print my component to scale

Hello everyone,

im working on a project and i just want to see how it looks so far on paper 1:1 scale but when i check the model extends box it stays grey. Any one know how to fix this? Thanks

There’s a lot written about this. In order to print to scale you must have the camera set to Parallel Perspective and a standard view. Scale makes no sense in Perspective. You may need to adjust the size of the drawing window to tightly fit around the model so it’ll fit on the page.

What stays gray?

Thanks yeah it was in Parallel Perspective, but still didnt work so i tried running in administrator and it worked! :slight_smile:

Also i was working on the project then the back plate went gone and “Ctrl Z” is recovering it. when i cover the back with the rectangle tool it works but all the button cut outs are cover and i need them to be shown?

Put the face back, select all of the geometry and run Intersect Faces. Then delete the faces skinning the holes.

i did what you said and it gave me error

You didn’t do everything I said. Did you open the component/group for editing before adding the face? It doesn’t look like it.

Also select ALL of the geometry as I indicated in my previous post.

Which Interface with model or selection? im trying

the interfacing will not delete these parts and if i select one they all select, and if i delete it deletes the back plate gain.

You probably need to run Intersect Faces again.

In this case it doesn’t make much difference.