Printing from SketchUp Make doesn't fill the page

When I go to print a drawing with dimensions, it does not fill the page even when I select “fit to page” . Might there be an easy fix?

Try hitting Zoom Extents so the model fills the screen. You might need to adjust the width of the drawing window so it’s closer to the shape of the paper. In the Printer Properties settings, select Landscape for the page orientation if your drawing window is set that way.

trying all that doesnt seem to have an effect on the scale of the print out

Does zoom extents make the model fill your screen or is it off in the distance or to one side?

It centers it and it does fill the screen vertically since the drawing is taller than it is wide

If the model is taller than wide, use portrait orientation for the paper and make the drawing window narrower so the model fills the drawing window space.

To get SketchUp to fill a printed page, you must size the view window so that its aspect ratio (length/width) matches the aspect ratio of the paper you will print on. Otherwise, even with “fit to page” SketchUp will scale based on the narrower direction of the paper vs view and use the same factor for the wider one, potentially leaving a lot of white space.

Could you please post a picture of how we can size a window?
Thank you.

Doesn’t need a picture. Just grab the edge of the SketchUp view (aka drawing) window and resize it like any other application window. The only hard part is determining when it is at the same ratio as your paper.

this is to show the principle, the extension is not available publicly…



See this article for help with SketchUp’s native print features. (MS Windows)
Printing to Scale — SketchUp Sage Tutorials

Eneroth Viewport Resizer — Extension Warehouse
A handy tool for setting viewport size and aspect ratio to match print output. (MS Windows)

Thank you all for the help so far. I still have not resolved this issue, mostly because work has not allowed me to work on it. I did try to resize the view window without success. sounds like one of the explanations was someone using an apple product.

Thank you John!!!

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