Question about Printing --- Model Size on Screen vs. Model Size on Paper

This screen shot of a model shows it occupying almost all the usable real estate on the roughly “landscape” orientation of the computer screen. However, when I print in landscape mode, the printed image occupies but a small fraction of the page, centered. I would guess about 3 inches x 3.5 inches. I would like the model to fill as much of the page as possible.

How to do it? This is an issue with both of my printers, HP 110 Envy, and Brother Laser.

Let’s see your print settings. Probably need to turn on Fit to Page.

Do you really want to print all that green? Before you print, you might edit the style and turn off the ground and sky and then make sure the background color is set to white.

My color printer doesn’t print the green!

Both printers were already in Fit to Page mode.

You may find this thread helpful …

Thanks for that reference. That thread appeared to deal more with scale than arbitrarily filling a page as I want to do, but I see how those could be related. The most important thing I got from it was a) SU does have some print limitations and b) "Actually, I rarely print anymore from SU, I mostly use Windows “Snipping Tool” to grab a screen capture… "

So it’s the snip print for me!