“Screen Text” size decreases in animation, becomes unreadable - solution?

after exporting the animation taged text between sceens act opposite on mp4…
it decreasing untill unreadable…how to fix this

cann not put more links …but the text fade away compleetly

Your screenshots don’t show.
Your animation resolution is probably bigger than on your SketchUp window. SketchUp screen text height is measured in pixels so the bigger the resolution, the smaller it becomes in relation to the whole image.

Parking_paint_job.skp (4.2 MB)

first video was 720p HD…and i have just tryed 420p SD …and everything is the same.
screenshots are uploaded in lightshot…

I see the same behavior in an MP4 export SU2021. It might be a thing that needs to be fixed in SketchUp but if you need to get this thing out the door, you should use a different method of creating that text in Post.

By the way, you spelled “Visible” incorrectly. And to my eyes, the blue color you selected for the text is difficult to read,


I am very sorry for the spelling mistakes, English is not my first language
but I am trying to constantly improve it.
Can you suggest me another method for creating text
tnx in advance

You don’t have to apologize to me. I expect your client will want words spelled correctly, though. Your English seems to me to be pretty good. You would just want to check spelling. For text like this it might be worth typing it out first in something like MS Word so you can use Spell Check.

I would do it in a video editor. I have Camtasia on my computer mainly for doing screen capture videos. After deleting your screen text I exported an MP4 which I opened in Camtasia. There I added the text. I also made it so the text fades in and out. This was just quick and dirty and could still use some improvement. Click on the picture.

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Tnx again.
All the text in description will be translated into Serbian … I just use English in my work because of the exercise…