Sketchup Shop Printing / Emailing

Hi Everyone,

I’m using Sketchup Shop and have just completed my first drawing (with difficulty). It comprises a gin box with the lid open, a copy with the lid closed and the gin bottle. I’ve included dimensions,copious notes around the model, reference text at the bottom and a title at the top using the 3D text.

I then downloaded the drawing to my computer as a png file so I could print it onto A4 paper and then email it on. Unfortunately, when I opened the png file the text was a mess. It looked like the drawings were scaled down to fit the png file but the text seemed the same size as on the screen and was all squashed and jumbled up!

In it’s present state, I can’t use this png file, so is there any was to stabilize the text on Sketchup Shop before downloading to a png file on my computer?

Best Regards,
Mike Lukjaniec

Try hitting Zoom Extents before you do the export. You can most likely reduce the size of the text and not having any problems. Select it and change the size in Entity Info.

Thanks Dave!