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Having an issue trying to print to my canon printer or dropping the file on an SD card to print and scale up to an A4 paper 18x24.
Objects in the file come out blurred and basically unreadable.

Can you share an example SketchUp file that shows this?

Are you printing to PDF

Do you want A4 ( a metric sized sheet) or 18x24 inches?

I printed a model to A4 PDF with no trouble.

The model looks like this in SU.

And the PDF in Adobe Reader. This is at 300%.

FWIW, the following is from the same model set up on Arch C (18 in. x 24 in.) paper, rendered as Vector, and exported to PDF. The screenshot is from the PDF file.

I think the quality is much better. Depending on what you need, it might be worth using LayOut.

Yes I am printing to PDF then from there to my printer and also saving to an SD card to have the printing done of site to 18x24. The PDF doesn’t come out clear either. The drawings only clear when I zoom into them??
I don’t recall having this issue in the past. Unfortunately SketchUp Shop doesn’t have Layout.
A4 but Staples store treats it as 18x24 but they don’t come out clear regardless of the size.
Are you printing directly to your computer or dropping the drawing on a memory card.

Yours came out perfect

Basement Symbol Legend _ Notes.pdf (121 KB)

Basement Elevations A.pdf (28.9 KB)

Had trouble attaching the field so I sent them to the Forum, I think :slight_smile:

When you aren’t zoomed in the things will look less clear. That’s normal.

No. That would require SketchUp Pro but depending on your needs, it might be worthwhile to upgrade to the Pro version. If you did you would still have SketchUp Shop (or Go as it is now called) along with SketchUp for iPad which can be very useful, too.

You could choose Arch C from the options drop down and then Staples won’t need to scale A4 to Arch C when they print.

AS for the fuzzy-ness of your PDFs you have several things working against you. First your style has thick Profile edges. I’ve set mine to 1. I’m not sure what your symboles started out as but due to their small size and the thickness of the profile edges, they just don’t resolve clearly. Are you using 3D Text for the text in your model? And you are getting raster output. My PDF from LayOut is vector linework so it will appear very sharp at any size.

From Shop I printed to PDF directly to my computer. From LayOut I exported directly to my computer. Copying either file to an SD card would have no effect on them.

FWIW, for things like the symbols and text, that can be done in LayOut instead of SketchUp and will be much cleaner.

Thanks for all your help, much appreciated. I’ll try checking my settings. The drawings I make are for personal use for myself and family so it’s not something I do on a large scale.
Yes it sounds like Layout would be the way to go.
Thanks again
Be Well

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I do recognize that it’s more money but for all the added capability and the potential applications for you, it could be worth it. When I first started using SketchUp nearly 20 years ago the license set me back about the same amount I paid for my tablesaw but I figured it would save me more than that in wasted time in my shop and wasted wood. That was long before LayOut or many other features you get now.

Hello, just wanted to let you know that I haven’t had a chance to look into your recommendations. I’ve been having serious issues with signing in on my IPad Air and even when I get signed in it doesn’t list the drawing I am currently working on in Home or Trimble.
Finding this to be more trouble than it’s worth.
Very frustrating
I’ll let you know if I get a chance to review your recommendations.
Be Well

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