Printing Issues - Sketchup Shop

I am using Sketchup Shop and am trying to print a simple file. Shop first creates a pdf file, and the printer then uses the pdf file to print. For some reason, what is printed is larger than what is in the file. For instance, a line 1.125" long in the sketchup file has a length of almost 1.25" after printing on paper. It’s lilke there is some arbitrary scaling going in during the processing of the print job. I was hoping to be able to take meaurements directly from the printed copy, but can’t do that because they are incorrect. Is there something I have to set in Sketchup to prevent this from happening?

Are you setting the scale accordingly?

What are you using to print the PDF? Are you sure it’s set correctly?

Bingo! Was not setting the scale accordingly. Had to search for that diaglogue box, but it was set to 1"" 0.13333". Where that came from, don’t know, but my paper drawing is now what I expected. Thanks for your help.