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Strange printing problem driving me up the wall. When I print from layout or export to pdf and print my drawings are not in scale. The weird part is that vertical lines are correct but horizontal are not. I have printed way to many sheets with every setting option I can find to try to diagnose and I am stuck.

I need accurate scale drawings so my students can practice reading a scale stick and building from plans.

I am using layout 15.1.104 on a mac book pro. If I print direct from sketchup I have the same problem. I have printed to 2 different printers as well.

What am I missing here? The line that should read 14’ exactly reads 13’9".

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If you print from PDF, make sure there is no “fit to page” or similar checkbox active…


I have been printing direct from layout, from sketchup and from pdf. In each program I make sure to seek and and uncheck that box.

Thanks for posting

If I find a solution to this problem I will post it here.


Play with Object Snap OR Grid Snap in LayOut.
You can change the Major Grid spacing and Minor Grid spacing in Document-Settings.
Sometimes it helps to change the Unit Precision in Document Settings,


exactly because of this measuring in shop drawings isn’t allowed any more… at least according to common standards… everything important needs to be dimensioned.


Seems odd to me. I should be able to print drawing accurately.

I don’t mind putting dimensions on everything but when I am trying to teach my high school students to read a scale stick and build from printed plans I want to leave the numbers off.

Vectorworks and AutoCAD can print to scale sketchup should be able to.

Going to keep at it. There has to be a solution.