Screen setting problem

This is so embarrassing but I really can´t find the solution for this.
After switching to a new computer I can not seem to get the screen setup as comfortable as before. I work on two screens, both set to “preset for screen”, as I always had it before, but on the added screen the look now is awful. It is not a zoom-thing, lines appear as double and dots on selected areas are now more separated, lines are thicker. Any suggestions or experience of this?

(I think it’s needed to double-click on the images and open them to see the difference)

It’s a mac issue so I can’t really comment, but the images suggest that you have different resolution set on each screen. One is wider than the other also.

Hi box!
Yes they have different sizes but changing/scaling the setup of the added screen just makes it even worse…this did not happened when connected to the previous computer (also a Mac)

Throwing my hands up, need a Mac user to wade in.

Thanks Box! Hope there’s someone with the same problem.

These two images also describes the differences, on the laptop screen the dimension lines slashes are easy to read but on the external screen they’re not.:face_with_monocle:

I have the same problem on both my screens (Retina scaled and DELL 2048 x 1280) and it comes and goes. I would say it’s more pronounced in my case–but hard to say comparing images. Working in hidden geometry is dense and distracting, and component outlines are confusing. Since version 2019–I am on Mojave. Today it looks OK.

I have seen comments by others who have this and have upgraded from 2019 to earlier versions. I’ve tested and earlier versions don’t have this. I may go back, but what I was using (2016) crashes.