Scrapbook image size

This is a very minor problem but I am interested in the answer.

In LO, I use a number of scrapbook elements to create things like callout boxes. When I drag one into the drawing, it shows at a certain size which is a bit smaller than the size it is when it is “dropped” onto the drawing. That means you generally have to move it once it is in the drawing to get it looking right. It only takes a moment so not a big problem, but I wonder why it is a different size between dragging and dropping? Unless there is a good reason for it, wouldn’t it be more WYSIWYG to correlate the two sizes?

I can’t reproduce that with scrapbook entities I have. It makes so difference whether I click on the entity in the scrapbook and click in the document or click and drag the entity. Do you have an example that you can share?

@DaveR Sure. Here is a GIF showing the issue.

Whilst I have your attention Dave, can you explain something else please? I use your solution to importing lines into LO to create correctly positioned and scaled dotted lines which cannot be created in SU. It involves creating a scene without the lines and another with the same camera position including only those lines. You then explode the latter in LO. Quite often, I am not left with just the lines but a white background as well that obliterates everything under it. I am not sure how you make sure you do not import a background. Is it to do with the imported scene settings?

Scrapbook entities will generally be displayed in the scrapbook pane smaller than they really are. On the PC (on mine anyway), when the entities is dragged out on to the page it is not shown until I let go of the mouse but when it is displayed, the entity is larger than it is shown in the Scrapbook window.

White background: Look in the Styles tab of the SketchUp Model inspector window. Untick the box for Background.

So actually the Mac makes it a bit more WYSIWYG than on a PC because you do see the entity you are importing before releasing the mouse button.

Having tried this with various entities, it seems unpredictable. Some things actually get smaller when “released”.

It’s not a big issue I guess.

Actually, I don’t seem to have a box to untick the background. The only option seems to be choosing the background colour. However, I may have found the solution. After exploding, the lines and the background become separate entities so you can then select the background and delete it.

I guess it is more WYSIWYG. I never really gave it much thought when dragging things in from the Scaprbook since I already know what I’ve grabbed.

I expect when you see the thing get smaller it has to do with the zoom level and the size of the page as well as the size of the entity when it was saved.

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