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Having used a mac for a while I miss my floating Scrapbook window on the PC

I read the last thread about this with the suggestion made being "put the symbols around the grey non-page area, but this seems really clumsy.

On a 4K monitor the scrapbook tray is comically small…

Anyone have any other ideas?

back to Mac :wink:

I’d love to @Guy but rendering on a Mac is painful! I’d really like to Hackintosh my PC but I don’t have the patience for it at the moment!

Click on edit in Scrapbook, the page will open in Layout - much easier to read!

I create mine on a separate tool tab or what ever it is called. That way you can have it as the full height of the screen. Works quite well and beats the tiny size you have.

Doesn’t that take a load of vertical space? On the Mac you can just have the window floating there and move it anywhere.

It wouldn’t take up anymore space on the PC than it does on the Mac. If you want to have the inspector windows floating over your workspace, you can move the tray. You can make as many trays as you want so if you want one just for the Scrapbook, make it. You could also move the tray(s) to a second display and make them larger.

If you are making your own scrapbook entities, lay them out on a page in LO and make sure they fill the paper space. If needed, reduce the size of the paper to fit tightly around the scrapbook entities. Here’s a quick example.

Arrows on letter size paper.

Saved as a scrapbook:
Screenshot - 10_27_2017 , 6_32_32 AM

Paper size reduced:

Saved as Scrapbook.
Screenshot - 10_27_2017 , 6_34_23 AM

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Yeah this is pretty much what I have done.

Created a scrapbook tray that spans the full height of the screen and sized my scrapbook paper size to fit the tray size at a good resolution for the items on it.
It works quite well for me as I find I dont need the scrapbook on the screen all the time. I usually only need it in the beginning stages of each sheet, then I use a combination of copy paste and eyedropper to fill out the drawing.

I must say the more I use layout the more I enjoy the way it does things. Coming from an autodesk back ground thats something.

With a few improvements I would be full time Sketchup Pro for my architectural work. Hopefully this month we will see some of those improvements.


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