Break lines in Layout are too big

When getting an “Angled break Lines W/Mask” from Scrapbook, they come huge over the viewport.
How to get them smaller in proportion to the drawing?
Thank you.

Any help?

Which Scrapbook? You can scale the Scrapbook items. Grab a corner selection point, press shift to keep the proportions. You could save your own version to a new scrapbook.

Thank you pbacot.
Yes, it can be proportionally scaled but as you can see in the attached pictures, it is short and if I pull the lines down it gets distorted.
Thank you!!

By the way, the Break Lines are in Scrapbook>Breakmarks>Page 1>Angle Break Lines W/Mask

Open the thing for editing and drag the end points.

I see. if it is like the cut symbols that I see (under “Drafting symbols 2”) that came with LayOut: After you insert it in the drawing you can double click the symbol so you get selection points on the lines and extend the lines down (and extend the white rectangle down if you have that in your example). When you get the symbol that is more to your liking, save it in your own custom scrapbook.

Oh I responded by email before checking here, but of course Dave was up earlier (if he ever sleeps)!

Hey is that some tricky stairs coming out of the hall (can the door swing the other way)?

Thank you guys!!!

Yes I can modify the break line but now the problem is the white area, it is difficult to match the shape with the break lines.

Where did you get this scrapbook element? I’ve hunted and not found it. Upload a LayOut file with the break line element in it.

It came with the Scrapbooks.

That’s not a native scrapbook. I asked you to share a LayOut file with the break you are using.

I know this is a totally different topic but I am have issues with a plugin called cloth work. I downloaded it and after looking at all these tutorials they say that when I right click a object there should be something Called cloth work and then after clicking on it would say make cloth but for me Its not there. totally understand if you guys can’t help me.

This doesn’t belong in this thread. Your post has nothing to do with LayOut. For questions related to Clothworks, you should post in the Clothworks thread at Sketchucation.

I think that what I thought was the native Scrapbook from Layout was the Scrapbook that I got when I bought Matt’s Book from MasterSketchUp.
I saw the native break line from Layout’s Scrapbook and it is easy to work with.
Thank you.

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