Scenes will not update in a file

When I change items in a scene it won’t update. Any suggestions as to why.

The scene should update itselft if you change something in it?

The scene does update itself but the update does not hold. if I come back to the scene at a later time the update is not there.

Right click the scene tab and select ‘Update’ in the context menu.

Also in menu Window > Preferences > General > check ‘Warn of style changes when creating scenes’ as a help, to be warned in time.

To elaborate on @Wo3Dan’s reply, a scene records the values of various properties when it is created and thereafter each time it is explicitly updated (consult the scenes window for the list of properties). But here “updated” means by activating the right-click context menu item @Wo3Dan mentions (available on the scene’s tab in the model view and also on its list item in the scenes window). Update does not happen automatically when you change the properties of the scene. This behavior is deliberate. It lets you temporarily rearrange a scene and then go back to how it was before. But it can also be a gotcha if you forget to update after getting a scene the way you wanted it.

Must have been a glitch in the file. I copied everything to a new file, redid my scenes and deleted old file. New file works perfectly.

Note too that the Window menu>Scenes window has checkboxes that determine what properties of a view are saved in a scene. I haven’t checked, but it might depend on your template which of these are checked by default - Sometimes only a few.