Scenes & Styles Warning


I’ve come across the warning below a lot lately (i’m trying to get my head around Scenes).

It probably confuses me because i don’t recall making any changes to my Style.

For example, if i open my file, and try to create my first Scene, i get the following warning?

How can i have made any changes to my Style if i have just literaly opened my file?

Also what does each of the 3 options actually do, as i don’t want to mess my model up - thank you.

The Style that is saved with a Scene ultimately controls how the model is rendered in that Scene.
However, the way an active model is rendered onscreen is contingent upon two factors…
…the active Style and any temporary unsaved changes one may have made to that Style.

When a Scene is created the only Style properties that are saved are those of the active Style.
Any unsaved changes one has made to the active Style are not saved with the Scene.

Before creating a Scene, consult the Styles Browser.
If unsaved changes have been made to the active Style you’ll see update arrows superimposed upon the style thumbnail image.



Excellent, thank you for explaining this.