Scenes not updating individual visibilty

I’m setting up scenes in a new file and discovering that the visibility of elements is not updating like it used to. I show all, then hide faces & lines, update the scene and it overwrites all the settings for all the scenes, even when I check which properties to save. Any thoughts?

Look to see what updateable parameters you have deselected in the Update list. How are you updating the scenes? Right click on Scene tab or updating in the Scenes window?

You really should use layers for controlling visibility for scenes instead of using Hide.

I’ve played with the updateable parameters, selecting, deselecting, different options and no difference. I’ve also tried different ways to update the scenes, right clicking on the tabs, right clicking on the item in the list, clicking on the update scenes button, with no difference either.

In a former version of SU, saving the visibility would save the visibility of the individual items as hidden or shown. Is this no longer an option? It was a very simple method for updating scenes instead of putting items on different layers.

I’ve tested it and it does work for me to hide an entity for one scene. I don’t know why you are seeing a different behavior. Maybe you could share an example model that exhibits this. Layers are still a better tool for that, though. It’s what they were intended for.

Expand the Scenes tray and check that the relevant boxes are checked for the scene before updating it. What features are checked by default is probably defined by your template. I have met with this same problem, and after checking in the Scenes dialog, found that SketchUp was only saving the camera position.

Whatever is checked in the Update dialog will not work if the Scene is not set to save the feature.


Thanks to everyone for the help. I had tried all this, too. (I’m not a newbie - I’ve owned SU since it was released by @Last, happily upgrading from v4 all the way through to 2016). I think there must have been a conflict or odd bug. I ended up quitting, restarted my computer & repaired the installation and it seems to be acting the right way again. Very strange!