Scenes get out of line?

Not quite sure how to effectively word this but looking for input on scenes getting out of sync/out of line so to speak.

For instance when I have a model with several scenes (20+) If I switch between various scenes when showing the model to the customer and while I am within a given scene I might orbit around to show/clarify a given detail, it seems that the scenes, or even all the scenes, will get out of whack. Camera locations will completely change even though I have not updated the scene?

If move to a scene I have not used sometimes it will correct itself and all will be right with the world, sometimes not and whenever I return to the effected scenes they will be completely different from the saved version.

When this happens, if I close the model, and re-open it, all is back to normal.

Im sure this is a user issue. Wondering if whenever I need to orbit I should go to a default scene? (may be a long ways from what I want to show in the model)

Thanks for any input.

When you say you close and re-open, do you mean that you save and close and the error is “magically” fixed or that you close without saving?

Could you also please specify more exactly what you mean by scenes being “out of sync” or “out of line”? Is it the camera location only that changes or other properties, such as style and visible layers too? Does one of these “out of line” scenes show the same every time you go to it or does it depends on the previous view?

It sounds to me as if you’ve not saved camera positions with your scenes and this is now causing you difficulties. Can you share a SketchUp file that exhibits this sort of behavior?

Thanks for the replies guys,

  • When I close and re-open I dont save. When the scenes get out of sorts (because I have orbited around within the scene) I can simply exit (no save) and re-open and they are setup as they were originally.

  • Sorry for not the best explanation but for instance in the model I am currently working on I have 15 scenes. All of them have every properties option checked in the scenes tab in the tray, camera location thru Axes location. When I open the model and click through the scenes in any order they all appear just as I updated them. But if for instance orbit around in a given scene, and dont update it or anything, it seems like for that session the scene auto updates, or auto saves where ever I left it. Also, I notice if when SU is transitioning from one scene to the next (animated transition) if you interrupt SU while its animating to the next scene (mouse click) it seems to throw off the camera locations even though you didnt update the scene?

  • I had wondered if this had something to do with autosave but it seems to happen regardless and like I say, orbiting around in each scene, then moving to another scene will leave the camera positions where ever you left off when you left the scene but returning to the scene by clicking the tab doesnt return to the saved camera location (again, camera location is checked along with all other options). Its like for that session its remembering the last camera location in that scene even though it was never updated?

I had assumed that when you update a scene, that scene is then saved permanently until updated again. If you go into the scene and orbit around, dont change any geometry, dont update the scene, clicking on the tab would return it to the last saved/updated scene? Or am I thinking of it wrong?

That is certainly how it is supposed to behave and how it has always behaved for me. So it would seem to come down to your specific model(s) and/or computer. Do you have any extensions installed that might be causing this? Could you share an example skp that does this so we can investigate?

Will Do Thanks,

This sounds like a behavior added by an extension. Which one do you have installed?

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