Scenes dropping hidden geometry settings over time


I am working with a large model of a house with a large number of scenes and some sections. WRT to hiding/unhiding objects, I have used layers extensively to control visibility. However, there are still a few components that will need to be hidden within certain scenes, because layers stops becoming efficient when I get granular enough to solely use layers to control visibility. My model currently has 42 layers, If I use layers solely to control visibility, I will add more than 10 additional layers, with a single component on each.

Here is my issue, I have completed making upwards of 30 scenes, and am working with labelling and dimensioning in Layout, when all my scenes will suddenly show all previously saved hidden geometry. Additionally, all sections scenes (with section cuts on and section planes off) will lose their active section cuts, i.e. all sections will be inactive (the style “Section Cut” will remain the same, with the same attributes, it’s just that the previously active section cut is no longer active). Sometimes this happens after a couple minutes, sometimes after a couple days. It seems like the program is dropping the hidden geometry and section properties saved within scenes.

Additionally, I am aware that saving hidden geometry within a scene only works with the top level components, so I am not confused about hidden geometry within groups/components etc. I am also not referring to “viewing hidden geometry,” none of my styles “View hidden geometry”. My problem is that scenes are saving the “hidden geometry” property and section cut property within the scene for a period of time, and then dropping it. In the “properties to save” section of the scenes dialog box, the hidden geometry and section cut boxes remain checked (I keep all checked).

What’s going on? How can I fix this? It seems like there should be some minimal capability for saving which geometry is hidden and unhidden in specific scenes (even if layers is used primarily to control visibility).

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I’ve also had problems with scenes suddenly forgetting their active section cut. It has only happened a few times and I am not able to reproduce it.

Do you see any pattern to when this happens? Any specific thing you have done previously to it or any Extensions you’ve been using?

I think it is possible that a layers management plug-in was causing the
problem because I noticed this problem after install. I deinstalled it and
am waiting to see whether the problem happens again. I am also
significantly increasing my layers to control visibility solely via layers.
I do need to be confident that my active sections will stay active though.

In trying to recover my section cut scenes, does anyone know how to
reactivate a section without rotating the view? Is there a dialogue box
that allows one to activate sections? I have already extensively labeled
the section cut in layout and don’t want to adjust the view box of the
scene at all.

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Once you have activated the section plane you can un-tick and re-tick the Active Section Plane checkbox in the Layer panel. This will update the section plane reference for the scene without changing any other properties such as camera location.

Thanks for the suggestion. Right now, because the scene has dropped the active section, no sections are active, so I can’t turn the section cut on and off. In one of the section scenes, luckily, the section cut I want is the one closest to the view window and I was able to activate that one. In all the other section cut scenes, I would have to rotate the view to activate the desired section cut.

Is there a way to activate section cuts from a list of section cuts in some dialogue box I’ve never opened? Or is there a way to save a viewpoint, like with a camera or something, so that I could rotate the model, activate the section cut, and return to my former view? Alternately, could I use the scenes in some order, with saving and not saving sections cuts, in order to use one scene’s view, but another scene’s active sections (I think I might need to work out that one by myself)?

Or, is there a way to save the view in layout, but still change the active section cut?

Thanks for any suggestions. I’ve been able to move on from the hidden geometry problem, by avoiding it using layers to control visibility. I’d love to still be able to save hidden geometry in scenes if anyone knows the solution to that problem.


You can move the camera so you see the section plane, activate it, and update only active section planes for the scene. By unticking and ticking the Active Section Planes checkbox in the scene manager you update only this property for the selected scene leaving all other properties, such as camera location, as they were.

I think it does tend to happen after I use Unhide All. (As if SU takes Unhide All to mean, “Unhide all in all scenes, and update those scenes”)

The Layers Manager plugin was called “Layers Manager” by Joe Zeh. I don’t know why it would have affected the scenes’ ability to “remember” hidden geometry and active section cuts, but I did notice this problem start after I installed it. I’ve never encountered this problem before (in 10 years of SU).

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YES! That’s the ticket!

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